So you’re in a wheelchair and you either can’t, or can’t for very long, stand up. They’re the facts but that doesn’t define you. Whether it be for a short time or a long time, using a wheelchair isn’t the end. Many may think so, many believe the world has suddenly shrunk and the things on offer to them are now so small that it isn’t even worth leaving the house for. None of these statements are true, the world has never been more wheelchair friendly. And we are going to make you believe us now, to make sure that you have a happy and fulfilled life in your wheelchair.


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One fundamental thing that needs to be ticked to make sure that any happiness can be found in your wheelchair is that you are comfortable. From tips and tricks like crossing your legs and reclining your chair. To modifications such as wheelchair cushion backrests and lateral side supports. Make sure that you truly find a position that is comfortable for you. And one where there is no sign of a building ache or pain, because over time this is just going to grow and grow until you can’t overlook it anymore. It will also dampen your mood before you have even had a chance to enjoy your day.

The next key is ignorance, nobody likes an ignorant person but in this sense we definitely do. Ignore the culture we live in, if they ever try to make you feel like your wheelchair can hold you back or that it can define you as a person. They may even try and make you feel that you have failed somewhere in life and now you need a wheelchair. Ignore, ignore, ignore as long as you truly believe in yourself that these views aren’t true that is all that matters. Focus on yourself, many may say focus on proving them wrong. Which if you want to then great but you don’t owe it to anyone to do so. You owe it to yourself to live a life that makes you happy.

We have all seen time and time again the miracle stories of someone being forced and forced so much, that finally manage to walk again and this is seen as a cure. Often a story with great intention that has devastating effect, don’t let yourself interpret these messages as you needing to do the same. You don’t need to focus on pushing yourself to the limit to try and do something, for many in wheelchairs this is impossible. You will find yourself wasting your days, months and years trying to do something you just can’t. The sooner you face your truth, the sooner you can realise that walking doesn’t make you who you are.

For many the words written here may seem easier said than done, and in no sense is the intention to simplify a lifestyle issue that is going to take a lot of courage and hard work to overcome in order to find peace with. All we know is that by finding happiness within yourself and a sense of unity with your wheelchair, you can continue to live a life that is far from over.