You don’t need prescription medications to lower anxiety because there are several natural ways of dealing with the situation. When not dealt with, anxiety can lead to stress and some other conditions such as insomnia, and stress. Some of the best possible ways to lower anxiety are;

#1: Self-affirmation Techniques

The main principle behind self-affirmation is that whatever you repeat every day will eventually become part of you. Oftentimes anxiety is caused by the fear of the unknown and the belief that something terrible will eventually happen. When you focus on removing the old beliefs that make you become anxious (negative thinking), you will eventually set your mind free from triggers of anxiety. Write down your positive affirmations and read them to yourself on a daily basis until you start seeing positive changes that can eliminate anxiety gradually.

#2: Practice Yoga

Yoga is one of the easy exercises that has been proven to provide relief against anxiety. Yoga will help you gain more flexibility and it can be practiced with breathing activities to help you stay relaxed and boost your breathing control. You may practice yoga for 20-30 minutes a day to deal with stress and anxiety.

#3: Make Use of Visualization Techniques

Visualization techniques are those techniques that help you create positive images in your mind. These images are created to help you regain control over your conscious and sub-conscious mind. When you always visualize negativities, you will end up suffering from anxiety but when you eventually visualize positive things in your mind, you will eventually regain your consciousness and eliminate those images and self-belief that cause your anxiety.

#4: Avoid Situations That Trigger Your Anxiety

Taking this step could be ideal if you have the option of avoiding triggers of anxiety. Though experts will say that it is better to face the situation once and for all, however, there are certain situations you don’t have control over, hence it makes more sense to avoid them in order to avoid anxiety.

#5: Natural Aromatherapy

Inhaling the scent of natural spices and herbs such as chamomile, lavender, and mint has been proven to be one of the best natural ways to lower anxiety. These natural spices and herbs are known to induce sleepiness and relaxation, hence they are ideal for lowering symptoms of stress, which include insomnia and migraines. There are several ways you can use aromatherapy, you can burn scented candles or make use of essential oil dispenser to release the scents of such herbs and spices. Valeria, Kava, and Lemon balm are some other effective natural herbs and spices for dealing with anxiety.

One of the easiest ways of enjoying the aromatherapy powers of spices and herbs is through the use of scented candles. These candles burn for a very long time, they are cheap to purchase and they provide the best soothing scents to ease off anxiety symptoms, which means you can get a permanent relief. One of the most recommendable sources for scented candles is Wiff, which is an organization that sells the purest and most affordable scented candles.