You don’t need me to give you a list of reasons why you should lead a healthy lifestyle! Everyone knows what those benefits are, but some folks find it hard to stay healthy. For some people, it’s a lack of willpower. And, for others, it’s just down to not knowing how to get started!

If you want to lose weight, one option is to talk to your doctor about it. They can refer you to a nutrition expert that can help you create a plan of action. Should you want to take matters into your own hands, today’s blog post is just for you.



I want to share with you some examples of how technology can help you to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. What I won’t be doing is telling you what to eat and drink. That’s down to you, of course! But, if you want a helping hand, here’s how technology can give you the boost you need:

  1. Heart Rate Monitors

It’s likely that part of your healthy living regime will include doing some exercises. They might include walking, running or using a treadmill. You may even go and pump some iron down your local gym.

When you’re working out, it’s important to find out how your heart is coping with what you’re doing. Why? The answer is simple. If you put too much stress on your heart, you could be putting your life at risk.

Heart rate monitors are available in many different formats. Examples include standalone monitors and smartphone apps. Yes, that’s right; you can even use your iPhone to monitor your heart rate!

  1. Fitness apps for mobile devices

I’ve already mentioned that you can get a smartphone app that can monitor your heart rate. But, did you know there are scores of fitness apps for smartphones and tablets?

Two of my favorite ones are MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper. The former lets you set fitness goals and even offers a recommended calorie intake guide per day. You can “log” your meals to it each day, and it’ll show you which foods you should avoid. There’s also a facility to scan barcodes of foods you eat. That way, you can get your calorie intake just right!

Runkeeper is an app you can also use on the go. It’s useful for logging exercises you do such as running, walking, cycling and so forth. It even says how many calories you burn during the process!

  1. Telemedicine

Do you live in a remote part of the world? Perhaps you haven’t got many healthcare facilities where you are? Telemedicine software is useful for people that don’t have immediate access to healthcare facilities.

In layman’s terms, it’s a way of letting you have consultations with doctors using the Web. The software is secure, and no-one can “spy” on your conversations. Telemedicine software isn’t just about having a face-to-face chat via a video link.

It can also get used to upload medical data from connected devices you use. That way, doctors can get a clearer picture of your health and offer an accurate diagnosis to any issues. Even if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away from you!

  1. Interactive fitness videos

There is an increasing market for people that want to stay fit at home. They may not have the means to go down their local gym. Or they might lead such busy lives that home-based exercise is their only option.

These days, one can buy “interactive” fitness videos to use at home. Some can get used on conventional DVD or Bluray players, for example. While others are software-based, and operate from an Internet-connected device.

  1. Online fitness coaching

Learning yoga? Perhaps you wish to work on your exercise techniques? Related to the previous section, one can also take advantage of online fitness coaching. This is where you use Web browser-based instruction to keep fit.

For instance, if you’re a yoga newbie, you could have a personal trainer that directs you over the ‘net. Live video streaming is possible using nothing more than a webcam. Such devices are cheap to buy and can be fitted to any computer.



Some folks even use cameras attached to their games consoles as a way of streaming tuition on their TV sets! The online fitness coaching industry is huge these days. After all; it’s easy and convenient for people to learn something new from the comfort of their homes.

Final thoughts

There is plenty of technology on offer to help you stay fit and healthy. The good news is that most of it is quite affordable, even to those on a low income. So there isn’t an excuse not to take advantage of any of it!