The average modern lifestyle is awful for a person’s health. You might not realize it, but each day, you do things that are detrimental to your health in the long term. Many people have no education when it comes to looking after themselves. That is why they think nothing of doing seriously dumb things all the time. If nobody ever told you what things were harming you, how would you ever know? Here are five dumb ways you might be ruining your health every day.


Flickr: Nicola Einarson

  1. Listening to super loud music

On your way to work each morning, what do you do? Thousands of people spend this time listening to their favorite tracks on headphones. Sure, you want to block out the world when you are on the bus or walking down the street. What effect is that having on your health? When you have your music on super loud, you could damage your hearing forever. The more you lose your hearing, the louder you will turn up your music. It is a vicious cycle, and so you need to try to avoid it.

  1. Eating ready meals

If you want to be healthy and lose weight, you need to avoid eating ready meals of any sort. Yes, there are some companies that claim to produce healthy meals, but why should you trust them? When you eat food straight out of the packet, you have no way of knowing what went into it. Ready meals tend to have high levels of saturated fat. That type of fat causes people to have severe heart issues. If you are always eating ready meals, your veins will not be healthy and neither will you.

  1. Chewing high sugar gum

Chewing gum is a habit that a lot of the population adore. When you quit smoking, for example, you might start chewing gum so that you have something to do with your mouth. If the gum you chew is high in sugar, you will find that you need a trip to the Park Avenue Dental surgery sooner than you think. Many gum brands try to sell themselves as an alternative to cleaning your teeth. You must ignore this stupid advice, as it is nothing more than a marketing campaign. Don’t chew gum and make sure that you brush your teeth if you want them to be healthy.

  1. Staring at a computer

Most modern jobs need you to stare at a computer for eight to nine hours each day. That is a long stretch of time. During that period, you focus your eyes on a bright screen. Studies have found that staring at a screen of any type can cause people to lose their eyesight. If you lose your sight, it means that you will need glasses. In the long term, though, it might mean that you lose your eyesight forever.

  1. Typing all the time

Again, if you work in an office, you might spend much of the day at your computer, typing notes. If this description sounds like your average day, you have a problem. Typing is terrible for your wrists and could cause you to have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). When you get this syndrome, you could find that typing or even moving your hands at all is painful. You ought to take regular breaks between typing so that you can relax your hands.

You only get one shot at leading a healthy lifestyle. If you mess things up, you will find that you become unfit and lose some of your vital senses. You should do everything you can to avoid being unhealthy. Change your lifestyle for the better right now!