With summer upon us we all want to look our best, and if we can do it without too much effort on our part then so much the better. Confidence and beauty come from within of course but if you can look good doing it then why not?

Every beauty regime starts with the shower, so…

One – Exfoliation and body scrubs

There’s no substitute for a good quality body scrub, so it is well worth investing in a decent product that you know is going to get the job done. That said, cost doesn’t always equal quality so get some feedback from other exfoliators if you possibly can. After all, the best advertisements come from the customers, not the manufacturer’s.

Make sure you pay particular attention to the drier parts of your body too, like the knees and elbows.

Two – Moisturise everything, every morning

Once again, pay attention to those dry areas but also anywhere that is going to be exposed to the sun too. Skin can dehydrate rather easily, especially in the sun, so to help avoid dry and sore skin you should moisturise often.

Keep in mind, that skin is around 64% water so keeping it topped up is probably a good idea and it is going to help your skin look awesome!

Three – Use a decent skin toner.

These are meant to be used after cleansing in order to restore the natural ph balance in the skin. However, today’s gentle skin toners do nothing for for ph balance but the skin does still need a range of ingredients that can help restore the surface of the skin.


Image sourced from Flickr

And your ph balance? Your skin can do a rather good job of taking care of that by itself, so you shouldn’t worry too much about that.

Four – Fix that diet

We aren’t quite what we eat, but our diet can and does affect our skin. The very first step should be to cut back, or cut out, on sugar. This is because sugar can damage the skin through a process called glycation which encourages inflammation.

Because oils can play a part too, consider steamed and boiled foods rather than fried.

Five – Get some sleep

A lack of sleep is a biggie when it comes to premature aging and even acne. When we sleep our bodies produce human growth hormone, which promotes the building of and rejuvenates the body’s skin cells.

However, if we are not sleeping enough and we are stressed our bodies produce something else – cortisol. This messes with the hormonal balance of our skin which promotes a healthy complexion.


If you are blessed with a beauty spot that you would perhaps rather not have, then perhaps you would consider a topical mole treatment that will remove it. Safe and made with natural ingredients, a cream can be used instead of surgery.

Beautiful skin doesn’t have to be the domain of the Hollywood set, not when you can carry out these simple steps yourself and look great for summer!