For anyone who has ever suffered long term pain, you know that life just cannot carry on as normal. The pain distracts you and takes over every aspect of living. Everything in life has to change because of the pain, and the emotional distress it causes can be just too much to bear. When you are at this stage, you will do anything and everything to get some relief. The lack of quality sleep you are suffering is probably leading you to complete despair.

Back pain is the most common culprit when it comes to disruption. Wherever the pain starts, it will soon increase and spread to other areas. Guarding and adjusting your posture will cause extra pressure on other areas of the body. There are hundreds of reasons why we may get pain in our back, but there are also a number of ways to help reduce the impact of that pain on our lives.


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Heating pads have long been favored as a way to alleviate pain when we are sitting or resting. There are several different types to choose from, but the latest technologies for the best heating pad seem to be most popular. The idea of warmth to the affected area is that circulation will increase, and healing will be promoted. It is certainly comforting and relaxing which helps us to cope mentally with the difficulties of pain.

Gentle stretching and corrective treatment for our posture can be a good approach for some too. Yoga can be tailored to meet your abilities and physical needs. The breathing techniques are extremely effective at helping you control the impact of the pain on your mental well being. The stretching helps strengthen the surrounding areas to better support your body. Gentle walking outdoors is also beneficial. It may increase your pain temporarily, but the fresh air to your blood supply and the increased heart rate are essential to cell repair and regeneration.

Keeping busy doing things you love is a great way to distract yourself from the pain. If you can continue to work, hire someone to take on some of the household chores like cleaning and cooking. You can then spend this time enjoying your favorite hobby. This extra mental stimulation can work wonders to refresh your mind and soul, and gives you almost a time-out from the pain emotionally.

Some painkillers can be quite harmful long term. None of us really want to rely on things like paracetamol or ibuprofen for the rest of our lives anyway. While the pain may be there forever, we can change how it affects our lives. Trying out a combination of remedies designed to give you some relief from the pain could be a great idea to get you started with better pain management.

Getting a couple of good nights of sleep may be all it takes for you to view the pain you suffer in a new light. If you could buy a better bed do it and see if it helps. Get into good routines with all aspects of your life to make things easier to manage even on bad days. Enjoy the good days, and hopefully more of them will come.