Everyone wants that Hollywood movie star white teeth look, right?  Having nice looking chompers is a sure fire way to get noticed and dramatically improve your overall look.  Of course attaining alabaster colored teeth can be achieved a number of ways, some naturally and others by means of specially designed products.  We’re about to look at some top tips for getting ultra white teeth right now in fact…


Perhaps one of the most sensible things you can do to brighten up your smile is to cut out the damage before it starts.  In other words, take more preventative measure by cutting out things which are known to discolor teeth, like smoking, for instance.  At the same time, regular dental visits, teeth cleanings and other forms of care should be used to keep your mouth healthy, whiter teeth is only a fringe benefit of this, obviously.  Additionally, this applies to frequency of cleaning as well, so try to always clean your mouth out whenever possible, especially after meals and snacks.

Get a highly rated professional strength kit

Nowadays there are numerous kits out there which can be purchased nearly anywhere that you can use to brighten your smile.  Again, the best way to approach this is to find one product which many others are extolling the virtues of rather than trying the first thing you see.   A good place to look is Amazon.com, which features hundreds of relevant reviews that will be able to point you in the right direction.

Baking Soda

Even though its use has more or less fallen by the wayside in many ways, there is a growing contingent of people who are turning to baking soda for their dental needs.  Not only is the stuff non-toxic, meaning that you can actually swallow it and be ok, but it is also really great at whitening teeth if used every day, that is.  Many people actually mix baking soda with salt for that extra bit of stain fighting power required to bust up plaque and make teeth cleaner.  Additionally, baking soda is rather cheap so perhaps it’s best to use it as a first line of attack for enhancing your smile?


Believe it or not, some will refer to older methods which involve utilizing fruits and their byproducts to whiten teeth.  For instance, it’s often said that you can use an orange peel to brighten teeth, or that strawberries have been known to be useful for this purpose and are can work magic.  Others claim that salt and lemon juice will get the job done, which certainly seems possible.  Again, using natural products like fruit is definitely advised simply because they’re not toxic, etc.

Ditch the fluoride

Even though some governments in the past have spent oodles of cash promoting the use of fluoride in everything from drinking water to tooth care products, we’re now discovering that it isn’t actually as beneficial to use it as once thought.  In fact, studies are linking it to all sorts of diseases and conditions as well as demonstrating that it can actually further stain teeth instead of whitening them!