Breast Enhancement surgery is now the number one, most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the USA. Forget nose-jobs or liposuction! Getting breast augmentation is the top reason women voluntarily go under the knife.

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But all these women surely don’t just want to look like Kim Kardashian? Are women as a gender really that shallow? No. The percentage of ladies who have their breast made bigger do not want to be topless models or porn stars. Think of boob-jobs and you think of young women trying to look like the perfect images they see in the media. Reputable cosmetic surgeons will rarely perform augmentation operations on women under 22. The breast tissue can still grow up until a woman reaches that age. When they do operate, it’s only for medical reasons. For example, treating severe asymmetry, major underdevelopment issues or inherited deformities of the chest.

Surprisingly, breast implants are most common amongst women aged 30-39. Females of this age group far outnumber any other, and it’s not surprising. Once she’s had children, her breasts may change beyond recognition. It’s a tough time for many, and can cause everything from low self-esteem to a lack of libido. Breasts can lose volume and firmness after childbirth. They can take on a pendulous appearance after breastfeeding. Gravity is certainly less kind after losing weight. The stress put on a woman’s body both during and after pregnancy is not to be underestimated.

Research shows that, in 2013, women in the 40-59 bracket were mainly interested in trying to preserve a youthful appearance. Just over 85,000 women of this age group had a breast augmentation procedure. But that’s not as many who went under the surgeon’s scalpel for eyelid-lift operations. Trying to hold back the march of time is a priority for many women, no matter what age they happen to be! We all want to look good!
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Being such a sensitive issue, many women find that they feel awkward when talking about their breasts. If you’re thinking about having surgery, the thought of having to show them to someone can be daunting. You may prefer to consult a board certified female surgeon. Talking one to one with another woman is not so intimidating!

When you are unhappy with your body, it can affect your self-esteem. You may lack in self-confidence, and this can bring a person’s mood right down. Depression and anxiety can often occur, and the effects can be devastating. Issues with Body Dysmorphia can cause an unrealistic view of your own body, and you may even perceive problems that aren’t there.

Most women who have breast enhancement surgery don’t want to have huge breasts, just go a cup size or two larger. The amount of women wanting to go up many more cup sizes is few and far between. Procedures to make the boobs bigger or more pert have little to do with wanting to look like a Playboy Bunny!

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