Our nails can say an awful lot about us, whether we want them to or not. They can show if we’re worriers, perfectionists, a little bit quirky, and more! Whatever you want your nails to say about you, you should take the time to keep them in good condition. Nice, neat nails always look better than dirty, jagged nails. Good nails are an indication of good health! Use this definitive guide to ensure yours are looking their best!

Don’t Use Your Nails as Tools

Many people use their nails at tools, which can leave them broken and uneven. Don’t pick things with your nails or do anything that could weaken them. So many people use their nails as tools, and it’s very damaging!

File Them Carefully

Filing nails to keep them short and neat is a good idea. If you don’t want them short, keeping them the same length and shape is still great. However, make sure you file them carefully. So many people use a seesaw motion, but this weakens the nails. Instead, file in one direction until the nail is the shape you desire.



Protect Them

Before painting your nails, and even if you don’t plan on wearing a colour, you should protect them. Always use a base coat, or better yet a coat containing some vitamins and minerals. Protecting the nails from the elements is just as important as protecting the skin from the sun. Don’t leave them bare!

Use Oil on Cuticles

Using a good oil on your cuticles can soften them and also nourish your nails, leaving them strong and long. Never use oil before painting, as it’ll stop the paint from adhering properly. Applying oil after painting can help paint to dry quicker. Apply as often as you need; a few times a day is optimal!

Always Wear Gloves When Cleaning

When using cleaning products, always wear gloves. When washing up or cleaning the rest of the house, the nails can become weakened by chemicals. Gloves might dry your hands a little, but they’ll protect your nails!

Don’t Bite or Peel Them

Try to avoid biting your nails. If you snag them, file them down instead. Peeling layers of the nail can be tempting if you find a piece peeling away, but resist! This will only weaken them further.

Keep an Eye on Abnormalities

Sometimes, our nails can tell us something about our health that we may not have known otherwise. They can signal deficiencies, and even infection. They are usually easily treated though, so try not to panic. To find the best treatment for your condition, search the web. Nail fungus treatment ratings can be found so you know exactly what to buy. The doctor may also be able to point you in the right direction, if you feel it’s necessary.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating lots of fruit and veg can be great for the nails too. Your hair is made from the same thing as your nails, so that will more than likely look healthier to boot! Take a multivitamin and perhaps even something specifically for nails to finish off!

We hope you found this guide useful!