Relaxation should be considered an essential part of staying healthy; as important as eating good food and exercising. If we don’t take some time to ourselves, we might find our thoughts all over the place. Relaxing will help to improve your overall mental well being. Try these methods and see how you feel!


Meditation doesn’t mean sitting around for hours not doing anything. You can take just 10 minutes in the morning or before you go to bed to meditate. It’s all about clearing your mind and just living in the moment instead of thinking of the past/future for a change.


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Free Writing

Free writing is considered by some, mainly successful people, as a great way to start the day. Simply sit down at a computer and write down all of the things in your head at that time. It can be anything; it doesn’t even need to flow or make sense! This will set you up for the day as you get all of the clutter out of your mind.

Hot Baths

Taking a hot bath with some candles and bubbles is a great way to spend half an hour. Just soaking in the bath, relaxing your muscles is good for the body and soul. You can even use products like bath bombs and bath salts to relax your muscles and moisturise your body. Take in a magazine or book if you get bored. There are even waterproof kindles these days!


Getting a regular massage is great for all kinds of issues, ranging from insomnia to digestive problems. You’ll feel so much better afterwards. The only problem is that they can cost quite a bit, especially if you want one regularly. For a more cost effective option, go for an iJoy Active 2.0 Massage Chair. You can have a massage whenever you like, and for a fraction of the price when you think of it as a long term solution.


Acupuncture isn’t as scary as it might seem. Yes, you get a few needles poked into you at different areas, but they’re specially designed to release tension from your trigger points. Acupuncture can help a variety of issues, so try it out and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Exercise might not seem relaxing when you first look at it, but it can seriously help to clear your mind. Exercise makes us happier; it’s been proven to release a huge dose of endorphins afterwards, which in turn improves our mental well being.

Listen to Music

Listening to your favourite music is another good way to relax. It doesn’t even need to be relaxing music; it could be rock, dance…whatever you like. You can even dance and sing if that helps!

Get Some Fresh Air

If you’re cooped up in the house a lot of the time, there’s no better stress relief than going out and getting some fresh air. Just 20 minutes spent walking outside could help you to forget all of your worries!

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