In many homes up and down the country, there is someone with a disability. People who suffer from a disability will require extra care. Usually, it falls on a family member to care for them. If you’re living with someone that has a disability, I have some tips on how to care for them:



Patience Is Key

When looking after anyone with a disability, you must be patient. Patience is of the utmost importance and can’t be emphasised enough! It can be tricky looking after someone with a mental disability because their mind works differently to yours. They may see things in a certain way and find it hard to understand your line of thinking. Or, they could suffer from memory loss, which can get frustrating at times. But, it’s important you never show your frustration and try not to get frustrated. Be patient with the, it’s not their fault, they aren’t doing anything on purpose. Learn how to be as patient as possible, it’s highly important.

Similarly, it can be easy to get impatient when caring for someone with a physical disability. They may move slower than other people, so things will take much longer to do. Something as simple as getting out of bed can take an age. Again, don’t lose your patience or show signs of frustration.

Make Your Home Accessible

Arguably the most important thing to consider is your home. You have to make sure your home is suitable for someone with a disability. If they’re physically disabled, then the place has to be accessible to them. This means installing special equipment in the toilet and bathroom for them. It also means looking into the possibility of stair lifts – if they can’t walk up them. If they’re wheelchair bound and can’t get up at all, you may need to look at home lifts instead. These are lifts you can install in your house, much like any commercial lifts you see in shops or office buildings.

Making your home accessible is important because it will make the afflicted person way more comfortable. It will be hard for them to function if they lived in a home that wasn’t suitable for someone with a disability. It can also make things easier for you to look after them. Having a special harness in the toilet and bathroom can make it easier to move them in a comfortable manner.


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Treat Them With Respect

My last tip is to treat the person with respect. Most likely it will be an elderly family member that suffers from a disability and needs care. You shouldn’t have to be told to treat them with respect! But, some people will treat the less abled in a condescending manner. Particularly in instances where the person has a mental disability. You shouldn’t treat someone like a child because they have troubles with their mental state. Likewise, you shouldn’t be condescending to someone because they’re in a wheelchair and can’t walk.

You should be nice and kind to the person, but don’t go overboard. If you go too far, it can seem like you’re treating them like they’re a baby.