A healthy body needs good building blocks. You get out of your body what you put into it. You need healthy building blocks to ensure you remain in peak condition. It’s not easy though, it requires times and effort.

Not only that, you need to know your body. Picking up warning signs. Just because you think you are healthy, doesn’t necessarily mean you are.

Let’s take a look at the three key requirements to a healthy body.


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Good Food

I’m not necessarily talking about tasty food. While a lot of health food can be made tasty, on its own they aren’t particularly good.

Let’s talk about sourcing first. You want food that is fresh. Try and keep frozen food to a minimum. Likewise, try not to use the microwave.

The freezing process can cause a detrimental effect on the nutrient content of a lot of food. Fruit and vegetables especially. With meat, it can change the taste and texture.

Whenever possible, buy fresh. It may require two visits to the supermarket per week for smaller quantities of food than you would usually get in a single shop.

Be sure to balance your proteins, carbs, and fats. Fats are not inherently bad, it all depends on what kind of fats you eat. Carbs in excess are more likely to cause fat gain. Don’t have too many. Ensure you’ve switched to complex carb sources like sweet potato, whole grain rice, and oats.

Protein should be the backbone of your meals. It maintains muscle and helps you feel full quicker.

Good Water

Usually, people don’t pay attention to the actual water they drink. They prefer to obsess over the amount. Recommendations for how much per day are inaccurate. It’s usually best to trust your body for the most part.

Drinking around 50cl every two hours should keep you hydrated.

As for the quality of the water, tap water is treated and may carry some trace particles. A good way to prevent ingesting these particles is with a filter, much like the ones sold through berkeywaterfilterinfo.com.

While all water is going to contain particles, it is the particles themselves that matter. Water from a stream will have gone through nature. Past rocks and the like. Tap water has gone through metal and lead pipes.

While not directly harmful, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Good Exercise

Ideally, you are doing up to 25/45 minutes a day of exercise. Keeping yourself active is overall the best path to a healthy body. While you can’t out-train a bad diet and other bad habits, you can at least help negate some effects.

Cardio and weights in tandem are very important. Weights will stimulate the muscles to either maintain mass or stimulate growth. Cardio will improve cardiovascular and endurance health. Together, you’ll find yourself being stronger in almost all respects of health.

These three aspects together should keep you healthy. While your life doesn’t have to be dedicated to them, a good dose of it should keep you in top shape even as you grow older.