There’s nothing more annoying and frustrating for a fitness freak than getting injured at the gym. When this happens, you have to take time out to recover when what you want to be doing is working out.

To avoid the most common injuries that occur in the gym, you need be aware of them and know how to prevent them. Here are some of the most common injuries gym-goers face and how you can avoid them.

Lower Back Strains

There are lots of different ways in which you can injure your back in the gym. You might pull up too sharply or twist it causing a strain. But the most common cause of injuries to the lower back is a lot simpler and easier to avoid than that. Most people who suffer this kind of injury do because a lack of stretching and warming up.

Yes, it really is as simple as that. Therefore, the way to avoid hurting your back during your workout is to stretch and warm up correctly before you get started. Click here to find out more about the correct stretches you need to do to prepare your back for a workout. Alternatively, to make sure you do all the necessary stretches, you could hire a personal trainer.

Labral Tear

Your shoulder has a ball and socket joint. If the cartilage that that surrounds it gets damaged or wears down over time, you could suffer a labral tear. This kind of injury is most common for people doing lots of press-ups and lifting. It’s not something that happens suddenly though; it builds up over time until the shoulder gives way.

You should look out for the warning signs of a labral tear if you do a lot of workouts that put your shoulder under pressure. If you hear a click or feel a pain deep in your shoulder, you should get it seen to quickly. Once you hear or feel something in your shoulder, stop your workout immediately. You can buy shoulder straps from Master of Muscle to reduce the risk of suffering a labral tear.


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Patellofemoral Syndrome

Don’t worry about how to pronounce this one, just worry about preventing it. Patellofemoral syndrome is also known as runner’s knee. If most of your time in the gym is spent on the treadmill, you’ll be at risk of this problem. The main symptom of it is a pain felt under the kneecap that gets worse when put under pressure.

If the pain goes away, you might have gotten away with it. But if it persists, you’ll have to seek medical attention. To avoid this, make sure you do exercises that strengthen your knees and quadriceps. Lying down and doing repeated leg raises will help you do this. You should also avoid kneeling too much.

Staying in good shape is important if you work out regularly. You don’t want to be forced into spending a spell on the sidelines because of an injury. Educating yourself is vital if you’re going to avoid injuries.