When you have worked hard to shift those last few stubborn pounds, it can be tempting to have a celebratory blow-out. Many people use personal trainers and exercise programs to blast the fat in an intensive workout regime over a few weeks. Once it is over, you can be physically exhausted, emotionally tired, and craving lots of junk food.

Whenever you lose weight rapidly, you are in danger of piling all those lost pounds back on rapidly too. This is because you have not carefully balanced the calories you burn with the calories going in. Instead, you have under-eaten and over-exercised to gain maximum weight loss in the minimum time.


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It’s possible you took some time off work so you could work out more, or you tried some fasting days. Of course, none of this is sustainable in a regular lifestyle. You now need to maintain your lower weight but still live your regular life. So how are you going to fit in plenty of exercises and a lower calorie diet in the real world?

Making an active plan is a good way to create a workable, long-term lifestyle that maintains your healthy weight. You will need to fit in regular walking and three or four exercise sessions per week. Your diet will need to be adjusted to meet the requirements of your lifestyle too. You may be surprised how little you now need because you weigh less. Try using smaller size dinner plates, and padding meals out with vegetables.

If you are in an office job, it may be tricky to ensure you are getting the right nutrition during the day. You can use dietary supplements like those from endoca to help fill in the gaps. Try to make all your snacks healthy, and save the treats for a dessert after your main meal. Eventually, you may choose not to have the treats at all.

Looking after your hormone balance and the immune system is essential throughout your life. This is done through a nutritional diet, quality sleep and an active lifestyle. It is important you don’t lose sight of your healthier lifestyle goals now the weight is off. It’s very easy to pile pounds back on, and you may find your health quickly suffers too.

Getting back into your regular routines doesn’t mean you have to get back into those unhealthy habits. Small changes in each area of your life should help you maintain the body you have, and the good health you enjoy. Everything needs regular maintenance in life, your body included. Fit some activity into every hour of your waking day. It need only be a short walk to the bathroom, or taking the stairs up to your office. Sitting still can make us feel hungry so try to avoid this if you can.


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Taking care of your body is a lifelong commitment. Your lifestyle shouldn’t get in the way of that. You also shouldn’t feel guilty about taking the ‘me’ time needed each day to achieve good health for the rest of your life. It isn’t easy, and it does require a lot of hard work. But now you have worked this hard to shift the weight, you know you can do it.