Feet. Not an entirely glamorous subject but an important one nonetheless. When it comes to foot health, it’s always best to have the right regimen in place. Some people, however, forget the importance of good foot hygiene. Aside from fungal infections and smells, our general foot health is a good indication of the rest of our body. Our feet are complicated. As such, they need to be treated with the care that they deserve.

Feet have over 50 bones within them. As such, this can ensure that a raft of health problems is present. It’s hard work being a foot. So, you need to make sure that you are optimising your foot health. Exercise, running and poorly fitting shoes can take its toll on our tootsies. But, you need to ensure that you are maximising your foots potential.

Wearing Proper Shoes

Okay, so those shoes may have been on offer, but if they are too small, ditch them. This can present a wealth of problems. Issues like ingrowing toe nails can be painful. Often, these are symptomatic of improper shoes. Fungal infections can result as a consequence of this. When this occurs, it’s imperative that you seek out the best treatment and remedy for toenail fungus. While it’s embarrassing, you need to treat this issue. If you don’t, your toenails will yellow, discolored and eventually drop out. The infection can be quite painful too. So, it’s best to wear proper shoes with the right ventilation to avoid these issues.


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Don’t Ignore Your Feet

Foot pain is largely ignored by many of us. We think that foot pain can be ignored because it’s ‘only our feet’. But, this can be dangerous. Issues with your feet can be early signs of cancer and life threatening diseases. Things like pains, swelling and infections can be the first signs of more serious implications. Do be sure to see your doctor when these irregularities occur.

Inspect Your Feet

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! Making sure that you are taking good care of your feet is important. Remember to change socks daily and to give your feet a good washing and a scrub every day. Using foot lotions and scrubs is essential for combating corns, calluses and other hard skin problems. What’s more, you will feel the benefits of having super clean feet. Do be sure to look for cuts, bruises and soreness on your feet. If these issues are prevalent, you may need to invest in orthopaedic footwear to minimise the impact on your twinkle toes.



Visit a Podiatrist

There is no substitute for visiting a specialist foot doctor. When it comes to your feet, it’s imperative that you sort out the issues with your feet before they begin. A podiatrist can ensure that problems are treated with ease. But, they can also spot any underlying issues. Toenail care and maintenance is a must. If you have diabetes, working with your podiatrist is a must. After all, you want to ensure that your health is in the best possible state of play.