Car accidents are no laughing matter. The ugly truth is that many people get injured in them, and some, unfortunately, lose their lives as a result. Those that survive are often left with long-lasting physical and mental trauma.

I can remember when I was in a car accident. I was waiting to turn into a main road, and a motorist kindly let me into the queue. As I was creeping forward, I didn’t see that someone was doing an overtaking maneuver. They were driving at an excessive speed around that queue and didn’t see my car until the moment of impact.

Almost twenty years later, I still suffer the effects of that auto accident. It shook me up, in all senses of the word. Had I driven a few feet further forward, I’d have lost my life. One thing that I wished I had done at the time was to seek some help following the accident.



Were you involved in a recent car accident? If so, I’d like to help you improve your mental and physical health following it. If you don’t deal with things now, they will come back to bite you later. Trust me; I should know.

So, without further ado, let me talk you through your options:


If no-one has suggested doing so already, I recommend seeking compensation for your accident. Everyone has car insurance for a reason: to help cover associated accident costs.

As someone that’s had an accident, you will already have lost money by not being able to go to work. You will have also needed to pay for medical costs. Yes, your health insurance might cover those costs. But, why should you or your insurer pay for those fees if the accident weren’t your fault?



Seeking compensation isn’t about getting rich pickings from other people. It’s about covering your expenses and costs that resulted from having the auto accident.

Physical therapy

One thing compensation can pay for is physical therapy. If you’ve sustained injuries in your car accident, you’ll need it to help you recover quicker.

Otherwise, you could get left with a lifetime of aches and pains that could have got dealt with earlier. Your doctor will usually recommend physical therapy as part of your rehabilitation. Make sure you keep on top of this; it’s important!


A lot of the time, car accidents also result in injuries that you can’t see. I am, of course, talking about the damage to your mental health. Here are some examples of what even a minor auto accident can do:

  • You could feel anxious about traveling, especially in a car;
  • You might become more angry at people in your daily life; and
  • The accident might even leave you feeling nervous about leaving your home.

If you believe something is “not right” since your accident, don’t suffer from silence. It’s best to speak with a professional counsellor or psychiatrist. That way, you can get the expert help you need to get better.

Thanks for reading.