Lots of us absolutely love life outdoors. Road running, long hikes and coastal walks are those little things in life that make us smile most. The trouble with winter is these wonderful activities become horrendous, and sometimes quite treacherous. You may be getting fed up with waiting for the sun to shine and wondering how on earth you are going to keep up your fitness routine. If the weather is causing you to cut back on your exercise, it may be time to build your own gym.

You can convert a garage or basement into a gym quite easily these days. Most builders will be experienced enough to tackle it for you. Any building regulations your area may require will be well-documented because so many people are utilizing these spaces in this way. When the weather is too hot, too wet or too cold to enjoy keeping fit outside, having your own well-equipped gym at home may be just the answer. Most of us can quite easily fit in a weights bench of some kind, but few of us have the space for much else. So what do we put in our home gym?


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Elliptical cross trainers are absolutely essential for anyone trying to kit out their home gym. They work out so much of the body at once but also provide a great cardio workout. For a good all-round piece of equipment, you can’t do too much better than one of these. You may also want to see if you can find the space for a workout mat in your home gym. It is essential you stretch to warm up and cool down after you have been exercising, so prioritize this space in your home gym.

Keeping fit in winter is tough, and you can sometimes find you have put on a few pounds by spring. Whether it is the weather or all those tasty holiday dinners you enjoyed, shifting the weight again is tough. If you have a home gym, you can help reduce the risk of gaining winter weight this year. Even though the gym is part of your home, don’t be tempted not to dress as if you are at a public gym. You will still need to wear good training shoes and sportswear. You will still need to bring your towel and water into the room with you. And you will still need to let someone else know you are there for the sake of safety.

Whatever you put into your home gym, this room will soon become one of your favorite spaces. You may even start to use it all year round rather than pay for the public gym subscription. Group classes and workouts are still important to keep us motivated and improve our fitness. Try not to give these up even when you have just splashed out on a home gym. By keeping fit at home, you should be able to boost your fitness programme and improve your health at the same time. Enjoy your workout, whatever the weather, all year round.