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Christmas and thanksgiving is one of the hardest times of the year to stick to your diet. With food seemingly appearing everywhere you turn and lots of cooking to be done, it is difficult not to resort to bad eating habits.

There are a few ways that you can take extra care of your diet throughout the festive months ahead. These range from top-tips to simple essentials that can help you survive Christmas, without piling on the pounds!

First of all, you need to think about your eating habits over Christmas and how they change at this time of the year. We all know that it can be hard to cook delicious food for everyone else and not partake in the eating. Try to think of ways that you can avoid this and lower your chances of resorting back to junk food.

Healthier alternatives

It can be hard to convince the rest of the family to start eating healthier foods, especially at Christmas or thanksgiving.

There are some sneaky alternatives that you can make, without them knowing, or tasting the difference though. When cooking meats, fish or eggs, use low-fat cooking spray rather than oil or lard. This won’t dramatically affect the taste, but will help you stay healthy.

Use low-fat spread instead of full-fat butter and when making desserts, use low-fat cooking ingredients and half fat milk to reduce calories a little more.

Try replacing fatty red meats with chicken or turkey that is full of protein and much better for your body. You could also look at adding more vegetables to the plate to supplement other card filled ingredients.

Portion sizes

If you can find a new weight loss pill that works for you, then this is great. Alternatively, you could start thinking about how to cut your portion sizes.

A good tip to control your portion sizes over Christmas is to place your food on smaller plates. This will trick your stomach into thinking it is eating more food and getting fuller, quicker.

Try dividing your plate into various sections and filling the majority of it with healthy fruit and veg, and the rest with high protein meat. This way, you still get to eat a good sized meal and cut down on the fatty foods.

Everything in moderation

The final thing to remember is that you shouldn’t completely deprive yourself. Christmas is a family time, and you want to be able to allow yourself a couple of little treats.

Decide on a few small treats that you’ll allow yourself and spread them out throughout the day. Most diets actually allow for ‘treat days’ and little breaks in their plans. It can sometimes even help the metabolism to kick-start itself again afterwards.
So don’t feel like dieting is all doom and gloom at Christmas. Just make a few simple changes and enjoy the day, surrounded by people you love. If you eat a little bit too much, you can always start again the next day!