You’ve probably heard fat loss numerous times when researching health and fitness. Many terms are used continuously when discussing this subject; weight loss and inch loss are also popular terms used. However, they don’t always mean the same thing! Fat loss and weight loss are two totally different things, and you should know the difference if you want to make changes.

The main difference between fat loss and weight loss is that weight refers to not only fat, but muscle and water weight too. If you’re losing a mixture of these things, your body may be getting a bit smaller, but it may not look any tighter or leaner. Getting a smaller body may mean you look good in clothes, but you probably won’t look any better naked!

Fat loss refers to just fat. Your goal should be to keep as much of your muscle mass as possible. Perhaps even to build more muscle mass in order to get a nice lean, toned figure worthy of the skimpiest beach wear. This is why your weight on the scales doesn’t mean much at all. What you should be doing, is measuring your fat loss with calipers or another measuring device, as well as measuring yourself with a tape measure to record inches lost. If you’re losing inches, then you’re more than likely losing fat!



Think of it this way: the scales could say that you’ve lost half a stone one week. Although this may sound like a huge achievement to some, this could be the loss of muscle and water. If this is the case, you won’t have gotten any smaller than before, meaning you haven’t changed your body in the slightest! When it comes to fat loss, you may find that your weight on the scales stays the same, or you only see minute changes, but you’re losing lots of inches. This means your body is changing, and you should be proud!

Now you know the truth about fat loss, you need to know how it is done effectively. Here’s what to do to ensure you’re changing your body in the most effective way:

What To Do:

  • Never starve yourself. You should eat enough each day so that you feel satisfied, and to support your workouts.
  • Never work out too much. You’ll stress your body out. If you’re new, stick to 3 workouts per week until you slowly build yourself up. Never work out for more than an hour at a time, and always have 1 rest day.
  • Do the right kind of workouts for your goals. This list of fat loss workouts from could be just the thing for you!
  • Never go on a crazy liquid/shake diet to try to drop pounds quickly. Everything you do should be sustainable enough for you to be consistent with it.
  • Always eat foods that are as clean as you can possibly get them. The more ingredients in a food source, the worse it is for our bodies. Health should be a priority too, not just fat loss!
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily lifestyle. Make sure this is a lifestyle change!

Good luck!