The answer to this question is complicated. You might think that working as a doctor or nurse will automatically strengthen your immune system. After all, the more you get sick the stronger your immune system becomes, but this isn’t true. In fact, research suggests that medical staff do get sick at roughly the same level as workers in any other industry. You might also be interested to learn that doctors and nurses work to strengthen their own immune system. They do this by eating a carefully selected diet filled with foods that boost the strength of the body.

While doctors and nurses aren’t fitter by nature they are often by their own life decisions. Research shows that doctors are less likely to be smokers, drinkers and drug users. So, we suppose we can cross off all those medical dramas about the damaged doctors as fantasy. It does make sense that doctors would want to look after their health. After all, they will have seen what happens when things really go wrong.

Perhaps this is why doctors do experience higher levels of depression and suicidal thoughts compared with the typical employee in other industries. They have to see some of the worst events in life unfold before their very eyes and they are often responsible for whether the ultimate outcome is positive.

The good news is that nurses do not suffer from the same mental health problems. As such it could be suggested that whether you are healthy will depend on your chosen medical career. You can find out more about being a nurse in this useful infographic.