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If you’ve finally started bodybuilding, first of all congratulations! You’ve made a very healthy choice, and are probably exercising self-discipline which some people can only dream of! You may also be starting to realise how slow the entire process is. Yes, I’m afraid you can’t simply wake up with a body like a Roman statue. Although your goal may be some way off, there are certain common mistakes which might be making it even further away.

First of all, don’t obsessively add to the weights you tackle, or the frequency of your workouts. You may have met people resembling professional wrestlers who insist that there’s no such thing as overtraining. This is wrong. One of the most detrimental rookie mistakes you can make is getting stuck in a “more is better” attitude. Remember that most of the growth your muscles will go through happens outside of the gym, post-workout. Training hard enough induces microscopic tears and damage to your muscles. This is repaired over time through drinking, eating, sleeping; things you never even think about. If you work that muscle before it’s had time to patch itself up, you could risk further injury, and totally rob yourself of any gains. Figure out your own unique healing period, and bear it in mind between each session.


Image from Wikimedia

The next big mistake beginners can make is ignoring supplements. Yes, it’s totally possible to build a great body without any artificial help. However, the proper amount of supplements can make a massive positive difference to your overall gains. Remember to get the amount right, though. Supplements are so named because they’re supplements. They’re developed in order to fill a gap in a healthy diet. They should never be used as a replacement for a diet and certainly not for hard work. Still, get the right balance, and you’ll see the difference quickly. Revive health care has a great selection of muscle growth supplements, among other things.

You shouldn’t keep to one set routine either. Having said that, you shouldn’t change it too drastically! Every time you go to the gym, play around with your weights, rests between sets, and so on. This will ensure you’re not concentrating a disproportionate amount of work to one area of your body. Do not, however, completely change your exercises on a whim. Things like squats and deadlifts are irreplaceable for gaining muscle mass. Don’t sub them out for something less effective! Those two movements also require a lot of concentration to be done correctly. Like with anything, practice makes perfect!

Make sure you avoid these pitfalls, and you’ll be doing your muscles a lot of favours in the long run. Remember that the quality of your supplements or how much weight you can tackle at once can be irrelevant. Success in bodybuilding is centred around your mind set. Finding the hours to put in before or after work takes dedication. Whether you were lucky enough to be born with that attitude or not, the biggest mistake you can ever make is not turning up.