Playing sports is a fantastic way for you to get into shape and stay fit. We’ve already talked about which sports are best for your physical health in a previous post. Now, it’s time for something of a follow up to that piece. This article is all about how you can stay healthy while you play sports. I’ll take you through all you need to know so that you can remain in peak physical health.



Dynamic & Static Stretching

Everyone knows that stretching is good for your body and prevents injury. But, doing the wrong type of stretching can be bad for you. Did you know that static stretching is bad to do before you exercise/play sports? It should be done afterwards as part of your cool down.

Instead, look to do dynamic stretches to warm up your muscles. Things like lunges can warm up your legs and stretch out your hip flexors. Then you can do high kicks to loosen up your hamstrings.

It’s important that you don’t do static stretching before you’re about to play. It will stretch your muscles, but it won’t prepare them for the activity you’re about to do. When you play sports you actively use your muscles, don’t you? So you need to actively and dynamically stretch them beforehand.


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Injury Recovery

I’ve spoken about ways you can help prevent injuries, but sometimes they’re unpreventable. There could be a freak accident at home or on the pitch that leaves you badly injured. If this happens, you have to know how to recover properly.

The first thing you should do is seek medical assistance asap. If you get seriously injured on the playing field, you may need to be rushed away for an x-ray or medical help. In this case, you should look for places that offer low cost urgent care. This is because you need to be seen to right away and some places can charge huge fees for simple things.

Once you’ve got the diagnosis, your recovery shall begin. You should start by taking time off to rest your injury. Then, after a few weeks you can start going to the gym and doing physio work to strengthen the afflicted area. Only return to action once you’re 100% fit and ready to play again. Learning to recover properly from injuries is key to staying physically healthy. Improper recovery will only lead to more issues down the line.


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Correct Nutrition

If you want to keep your body in prime physical condition, you need the proper nutrition. Playing sports requires you to have a certain diet. If you’re playing a sport that requires a lot of running, you’ll need to eat particular things.

The meals you have before and after a match are very important. Before you’re about to play you should eat things high in carbohydrates to give you sustained energy. After your match, you need to eat things high in protein to help your muscles recover.

It’s important you get a lot of protein and BCAA’s into your diet to help with recovery. This means eating lots of meats or getting supplements. Supplementation is a key part of nutrition for anyone taking part in competitive sports.